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Laygate Community School

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We've got baby frogs!!
We can't believe that it's only been a week since our class assembly and our froglets are now frogs!! 

The Lantern Story

As part of our learning we were trying to imagine what it was like for the Prince to be in the jungle. We listened to jungle sounds in the dark to help us understand how he might feel. We hope you liked it too.
We also watched clips of Bear Grylls in the Jungle and the Troll from Harry Potter to try and help us imagine what it might be like.
Here is a link to the story we have been using:

We are loving our new Paddington Bear topic. 

We are so proud of Eleanor! She drew this fantastic portrait of Paddington, she used a combination of pencils, chalk and oil pastels. She then phonetically wrote Paddington. She then couldn't remember how to write bear. She knew it wasn't spelt 'ber' so she found a book with 'bear' on the cover and wrote it. She was so enthusiastic she wrote the entrire book title 'Dear Bear'.
Well done Eleanor! 

Christopher made a 'Measuring Rod'

It is a self portrait of himself with the 'measurerer' on it. He then took it around the classroom with him for the rest of his activities. He compared the length of different objects and said if it was longer or shorter.
An amazing effort and full day enthusiasm to learning!
Keep working hard Christopher!
We've been learning about Ramadan and why it is a really special time of the year for our Muslim families. 
We also have a a Ramadan Tree of Good Deeds in our corridor. Every time we are spotted doing a good deed it is shared with the class and hung up. We are trying to fill our tree before Eid!
We hope Ramadan is a good time for all of our Muslim families. 

We are super proud of Mohammed, Connor, Mason and Lucas who all gained 100% attendance for Spring Term. Well done boys! We hope there will be even more for Summer Term so we can hopefully win the attendance trip!


We love that the weather is beginning to change. Mr Koomson worked with us to plant sunflower seeds. Last years sunflowers were really tall. We wonder if this year will be taller.

Rafisa and Amie worked together to draw a picture of one of our Volunteers Sweetie! They worked together to write her name phonetically! Well done girls. They love Sweetie coming in to help us!

World Book Day 2019!
Today in Reception we have been celebrating World Book Day!
All the children looked brilliant in their costumes!  We have shared stories and have drew self portraits, It has been lots of fun! 
Our Reception children have opened their very own bakery in the role play area, they have bread, cakes, biscuits and more!
They are showing off their literacy skills by writing shopping lists and their maths skills by counting cakes and placing them in size order.

An urban walk

As part of our learning about types of housing we went on an environmental walk to look at different types of houses in our area. We also looked for environmental print and what it meant. 
We found an enormous pile of leaves which we had great fun throwing!

Cafe at the house!

After our urban walk we visited Cafe at the house which is based at Trinity House on Laygate. It is delicious! We took turns to wait on each other with juice and biscuits. We really enjoyed the experience and lots of people commented on our polite manners and exceptional behaviour. Miss Lauder and all of the EYFS staff were really proud of us!
Home collaboration!
Bobby brought an elephant he made at home out of junk with his Dad. I'm sure you'll agree with us it's absolutely amazing. Bobby we are so proud of your hard work!

3D shapes!

We have been learning about the differences between 2D and 3D shapes. We hunted for different shapes in our classroom. By the end of the lesson we could name each shape.
Gruffalo Crumble!
As part of our Julia Donaldson topic we made Gruffalo Crumble from the Julia Donaldson Gruffalo Cookbook. We worked in small groups to make different elements of the crumble. We then put it altogether and Lorraine our School Cook kindly baked it for us. We then designed our own packaging for the crumble lid and we shared out the crumble. We all took some home to share with our families. 
We have loved learning a new song by 'singing hands' called '5 little firemen'. We have loved this. South Shields Fire Brigade came to visit us. We used the hose and tried on different equipment. We even heard the sirens. It was great fun! Here's a link to the song on Youtube:
We have been learning about Autumn and Autumnal changes. We've had great fun making apple prints!
Colours in Nature
We worked with the RSPB to look at colours in Autumn. We had a colour chart and we had to find items which matched the palette in our nature area. We worked really carefully and concentrated well to look for each colour. Everybody had fun!


Our Reception children were future stars in the making with their performance of Happy Birthday Jesus. There were lots of happy tears and that was just from the staff!​

Supertato Topic

As part of our supertato topic some of us designed our own superhero fruits and vegetables. We all promised to eat our vegetables so that we can be super strong too!

Children in Need Day

We enjoyed children in need day with some fizzy explosions and paint investigations.  We had lots of fun.

Spooky investigations

We discovered spooky slime and potion brains outside! We have been investigating how far we could stretch the slime, some of us could stretch it longer than the table!!   We also used the potion brains to make number potions. We counted different objects into the glasses and matched the numbers. It was great fun!
Little Dribblers
Over Autumn term we are working with SAFC to complete 'Little Dribblers'. This helps us wtith our speaking and listening skills, as well as our confidence and Physical Development. All of the sessions are linked to stories or films and we love it!
Still Life
As part of our harvest topic we have looked at the Art form of 'Still Life'. We have been using a range of media to try and create still life drawings of Autumnal objects.

We have been studying pumpkin soup as one of our Harvest Texts. We have been looking at the vocabulary in the book used instead of 'cutting' the pumpkin. We have tried slicing pumpkins. We all agreed the Cat has a very difficult job!​

We have been looking at Elmer the Elephant as our introductory topic!   We have even painted a giant elmer!


Mr Koomson our Caretaker worked with us for the afternoon where we planted, peas, potatoes, sunflowers, poppies and lobelia.

We worked in teams and shared the jobs independently so that everybody had a turn!..... Using the outdoor tap to fill the watering cans was very popular!

Over the summer term it will be our responsibility to water the seedlings and plants whilst they are in the green house, then we will
transfer them to our outdoor area where we will continue to look after them!

The children visited Hamsterley Forest to go on a Gruffalo Hunt. We had a fantastic day and we even got to meet the Gruffalo's Child and the Stickman. We also had a picnic in the middle of the forest!

After our trip to the forest we have been busy designing our own log pile houses for the snake! 

Outdoor Painting

We have been exploring outdoor painting on clear plastic. We've experimented writing numbers, shapes and simple mark making.

We have been playing a relay game with 2D shapes. We had to find a shape by listening to a clue such as "It has 3 sides". We even tried to give clues to each other. When we knew what shape it was we had to carefully balance along the beam.